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Free Craft Supplies

Free printable pop up box cardFree Printable Pop Up Box Card Kit

Instant Free Craft Supplies

If you have access to a printer, you can download our affordable printable craft supplies for instant creativity for your group or yourself - you can even fundraise with them. 

You will find a huge selection of printable greeting cards and crafts designed to be printed off, cut out and stuck together which means you usually only need:

  • a colour printer
  • white card (or sometimes paper for envelopes)
  • something to cut with
  • adhesive

New to Printables?

To get you started we have a selection of free craft supplies for instant download, including the free printable Pop Up Box Card shown above.

You can further enhance the printables with your own art and craft goodies such as glitter pens or maybe a touch of biodegradable glitter as you wish, but otherwise all you need is very basic supplies.

Our printables have been used by residential care homeshostel and prison settings, as well as community groups and individuals - including those who sell what they make for fundraisingfood banks or craft fairs.

Free Craft Supplies in our Shop
The Ridings, Wakefield

free craft supplies in our shopFree craft supplies for anyone at the entrance of our shop in The Ridings, Wakefield UK.

If you're local to Wakefield, we also have a small selection of free craft supplies in our 'Freebie Box' at the entrance of our shop at The Ridings, Wakefield.

In the freebie basket, you will find things that we can't put in the shop, items that can be recycled creatively and random bits and bobs that we receive in donations.

These freebies are available to anyone to help themselves to (but please have a look around the shop while you're there, you never know what else you might find in our treasure trove of creative goodies!)

Free Craft Supplies Group Wishlist

Free craft supplies from our donated surplus stock are given to community groups supporting children, adults and families in the Wakefield (UK) area primarily, and occasionally further afield. 

All donations are subject to availability and unfortunately we can't guarantee that filling in the form means we can supply what you ask for, but it's worth sending it to us, you never know!  You may not hear back from us immediately, but your form will be stored for future reference.

Apologies but we cannot take donations at the moment - please check options local to you here:

art and craft donations from individuals and businesses to crafting4good

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