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Card Making Tutorial:
Acetate Box Lid for Easel Cards

An alternative card making tutorial for putting together our 'Easel Card with Drawer' range, using acetate on the box lid so that you can see the card inside.  Because the only difference is the acetate box lid, we have not duplicated all the instructions and photos - follow the original Easel Card Making Tutorial to see how the card, box and sleeve is made. 

Our Easel card kits are available in a big value bundle or as single kits - the kit here is the "Christmas Friends" kit, but we also have a video tutorial for "Santa's Visit" and a quick video demo for the "Hootie Holiday" printables over on the regular Easel Card Making Tutorial page.

Christmas Easel Card with alternative Acetate Box Lid Made with PrintablesChristmas Easel Card with alternative Acetate Box Lid

Craft Supplies Needed

  • Christmas Friends Easel Card with Drawers Kit (also available in a value Bundle of 10)
  • Glue, tape, 3D foam pads for sticking
  • Score board, ruler, pencil
  • Scissors, trimmer, craft knife and cutting mat
  • Brad for drawer
  • Acetate   (♻️ Try recycle plastic packaging!)
  • Print on card stock for all sheets (250 gsm was used here but refer to your own printer capabilities)

Time to Make (after printing sheets needed):  Average 20 minutes


The first steps up to making the card and drawers are the same as for the Christmas Bells tutorial so we have not included all the steps and photos on this one: for the full tutorial please follow the linked original ⤴️

1.  Print out the sheets in your kit ( ♻️ printing the backing paper onto the reverse of sheets with lots of white space, means you can then use the 'waste' for other projects).  Cut and scored where indicated.

2.  Cut out the decoupage elements for the topper and layer up using 3D foam pads or gel glue, ready to stick to the front of the card.

3.  Stick the back panel to the reverse of the card as shown.  Turn over and stick the topper to the front quarter of the card, and the stopper to the bottom quarter of the card – using 3D foam pads on the back to raise the stopper.  Add the decoupage.

4.  Cut out your box lid and score the folds, but prior to sticking the corners, cut out the white centre panel and stick your acetate / clear recycled plastic packaging inside to make a window box.  Fold the corners in, glue and hold together until set - I find mini wooden craft pegs really helpful here!  Make the base and top of the box.  I have also added a spare sentiment to the bottom centre of the box.

Cut out the white panelCut out the white panel
Easel card box adapted to have a clear acetate lidEasel card box adapted to have a clear acetate lid

5.  Make the drawer and sleeve, then slides into the sleeve.


At Crafting4Good we try to avoid loose glitter, or at least mix any loose glitter donations with clear glue, since it's made of micro-plastic and is potentially harmful to the environment, like micro-beads  We feel the same about plastic craft gems etc too and we realise our eco-outlook isn't shared by all, but being aware and making small changes adds up and we'll explain more in another page in time!

6.  Glue the base of the card to the top of the draw.  The card then folds down flat and will sit beautifully in the box you have made for it.  Decorate with glitter glue* etc if you wish 

Our Volunteer Crafter, Debbie has been kind enough to contribute this tutorial for you.

Finished Easel card folded into it's box with alternative clear lidFinished Easel card folded into it's box with alternative clear lid

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Christmas Friends Easel Card with Drawer Printable Kit

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