Crafting4Good CIC is a member of the Charity Retail Association

Creative Wellbeing & Resilience

Creativity is good for your wellbeing -  we encourage exploring art and craft as a means to positive mental health and resilience. 

Our approach is influenced by positive psychology, art therapy and the 5 ways to wellbeing.

Crafting for good supports mental health, wellbeing and our environment in various ways.

Nonprofit & Community Benefit

  • We generate income from unwanted art and craft supplies, donated by artists, crafters and businesses.
  • Jobs, young people's work experience and volunteer opportunities are created.
  • Surplus is given for free to local community organisations supporting children and adults, mostly in underprivileged areas.

Affordable Supplies

You can support what we do by purchasing from our shops:

Environmentally Driven

  • It's extremely important to us that we're as eco-friendly as possible in all we do, from recycling and diverting unwanted creative supplies from landfill, to using recycled, ethical or sustainable goods and services. 

  • We've diverted 6 tonnes of unwanted art and craft 'waste', potentially from going to landfill, since we started weighing it all in 2020. 

Apologies but we cannot take donations at the moment - please check options local to you here:

Business for Good


All income is reinvested
into our staff, shop and social purpose

Crafting4Good CIC is a nonprofit 'Community Interest Company' which exists to benefit the community. 

This is also known as a Social Enterprise, meaning we trade as a business for 'good' social reasons, and the more we generate from 'waste' and unwanted arts and crafts, the more good we can do. 

Our aim is to help people
feel good through creativity, while creating jobs and volunteer opportunities

Apologies but we cannot take donations at the moment - please check options local to you here:

art and craft donations from individuals and businesses to crafting4good

Our  Social Impact

social impact via free supplies and support

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