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Pop Up Box Card Making Tutorial 

Christmas Pop Up Box Card Made with PrintablesCard Making Tutorial: Christmas Pop Up Box Card Made with Printables

Easier than they look: card making tutorial for putting together 3D Pop Up Box cards from our printables.  This photo tutorial features the "Festive Trimmings" kit, but you generally make all our Pop Up Boxes the same way and they never fail to impress!  Photos don't do them justice really.  The card kits are available for instant download in a big value bundle or as single cards. 

Our lovely Volunteer Crafter, Debbie has kindly contributed the written instructions, photos and video so you have a number of ways to follow this card making tutorial.

Craft Supplies Needed

Time to Make (after printing sheets needed):  Average 20 minutes


1.  Print out the sheets in your kit (printing the backing paper onto the reverse of sheets with lots of white space, since you can then use the 'waste' for other projects).  Cut and scored where indicated. 

  • Front and back of Envelope
  • Pop Up Box main sheet
  • Topper sheet
  • Panels sheet

2.  You can decoupage up the topper elements if you wish - this is optional - and 3D foam pads have been used here for this.  If you struggle with cutting you may want to avoid extra cutting and just use the flat 'pop up' elements.

3.  Using the Pop Up Box base, stick the panels to the top 'flaps' – remember when they are folded over onto the main card base, they will be facing outwards and upwards so ensure they are stuck the right way up!

Panels stuck onto top flaps and folded downPanels stuck onto top flaps and folded down onto the front of the card

4.  Also add panels to the bottom sections and the back section.

Side and back panelsSide and back panels

5.  Now to put it all together to make the box.  Using the small white flap on the side of the large panel, glue this to the opposite end panel so it forms a box.

Glue side long white side flap to opposite side, making a boxGlue side long white side flap to opposite side, making a box - tape has been used here
Folded into the box shapeScoring has helped it to fold nicely into the box shape

6. Inserting the Pop Up pieces: taking the largest tabbed topper that you have, fold in the scored white end sections and glue this inside the box towards the back (about 1cm from the back panel).  Do the same with the 2 other toppers, having the smallest at the front.

Glue and insert the largest tab pop up pieceGlue and insert the largest tab pop up piece
Insert all tabs, smallest to frontInsert all tabs, smallest to front

8. Add the sentiment tag to the front and you have finished your Pop Up Box card – I have used foam pads to raise up the tag but that's optional.

6.  To make up the printable envelope, add glue to the 3 white flaps on the back part of the envelope and glue to the front of the envelope.  To finish you could add double sided tape to the envelope flap, to seal it when needed instead of getting the glue out when writing your cards.

Printable envelope for the Pop Up Box cardPrintable envelope for the Pop Up Box card (pardon the shadow)
Finished printable envelope for the Pop Up Box cardFinished printable envelope for the Pop Up Box card (pardon the shadows)

Extra Ideas for this Card Kit

We want you to get as much out of your downloads as possible, so other ideas for using this card kit could be:

  • Add glitter glue to make the card sparkle
  • Add a pom-pom to Santa’s hat for more depth
  • Take the toppers and cut off the tab sections and use as normal card toppers for other Christmas cards and projects

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Instant Download

Festive Trimmings Pop Up Box Printable Card Kit

Christmas card making kit - Festive Trimmings Pop Up Box Kit

Pop Up Box Card Making Tutorial

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