Volunteering & Friends

Volunteering can be good for your wellbeing: you are helping others but it can also help you - it feels good to know you are helping make a difference.  Here at Crafting4Good we rely on Volunteers to help us run our company and create content - it's part of our social mission to help people benefit from creativity in one way or another, volunteering being one of them!

We also have 'Friends of Crafting4Good' who support what we do in various ways, through sharing our stuff on social media, telling their stories, donations and of course buying our printables.

We are lucky to have been supported and benefited from a whole range of people supporting us over the years and we don't have all their stories but here are few so far...

How You Can Help

Anyone can be a Friend of Crafting4Good, in a range of different ways:

Volunteering Opportunities

Setting up and managing a Volunteer Network is a huge job in itself so we are at the very early stages, but as you've seen we have been benefiting from voluntary work for quite a while already on a small scale.  Going forward we hope to create a database of volunteer opportunities so that people can sign up, see what needs doing and accept a task or role etc.