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eBay for Change

Crafting4Good CIC is part of eBay for Change, a programme for social enterprises in partnership with Social Enterprise UK and the World Fair Trade Organisation.

We're proud to be among the first cohort to be accepted in 2021 and continue to sell our art and craft supplies across the country - and occasionally to a global audience for collectible art and crafts! 

Being able to sell on eBay raises awareness and supports what we do.

eBay for Change Hub

You will find our listings in the special eBay for Change Hub alongside many other amazing social enterprises, from across the globe, who all support a variety of causes (see below).

You can view our Feedback and Follow us via our own our own eBay shop.  Some of our current listings are shown below.

Check out the full Arts & Crafts category to see more creative items from other eBay for Change sellers, and have a general look around on the Hub, there are some amazing products and gift ideas - you can even Shop by Impact...

Shop by Impact

eBay have provided an easy way for you to shop by the causes you care about, categorising all the sellers by the impact they make on society:

  • Empowering women
  • Protecting our planet
  • Tackling global poverty
  • Health & Wellbeing
  • Nurturing Children

You will find our arts and crafts items in empowering women, protecting our planet, health and wellbeing and nurturing children because...

  • Our main focus is mental health and reducing waste in our environment
  • We're women led and most of our volunteers / customers are women 
  • A lot of our free community supplies go towards supporting children in one form or another.
Shop by Impact on eBay for ChangeShop by Impact on eBay for Change

Are you a UK Social Enterprise?

Would your social enterprise like to join eBay for Change on a 12 month programme teaching you how to sell on eBay?

You will be helped to set up and scale with one-to-one training, zero fees and marketing support for a year - it's a huge opportunity and best of all?  It's free!