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eBay for Change

Crafting4Good CIC became part of eBay for Change, a programme for social enterprises in partnership with Social Enterprise UK and the World Fair Trade Organisation.

We're proud to have been one of the first 20 companies to be accepted into the global cohort in 2021. 

The programme lasted 3 years and our growth continues as we sell our preloved and eco-friendly art and craft supplies across the country, and occasionally to a global audience for collectible art and crafts! 

Crafting4Good Case Study

Crafting4Good eBay for Change Case Study at Spectrum People's Appletree Community Garden

We were proud to be featured as a case study for the eBay for Change programme in an report by Social Enterprise UK.

The photo shows our community donations being put to good use by Appletree Community Garden, part of Spectrum People, in Wakefield.  The text reads as follows:

Crafting4Good CIC: eBay for Change seller

With the links between climate justice and social justice becoming ever clearer, many social enterprises work simultaneously to address social inequalities and to have a positive impact on the planet. One such business is Crafting4Good CIC.

Crafting4Good CIC is a social enterprise which diverts art and craft supplies from landfill, using them to promote creative wellbeing and positive mental health in a variety of ways. Crafting4Good creates part-time jobs and volunteering opportunities for people with mental health challenges. It shares surplus goods for free with community groups, runs subsidised Art Therapy and promotes creativity as route to well-being.

Incorporated as a CIC in 2017, it soon outgrew the local community centre in Wakefield where it began operating and opened a retail shop in a shopping centre just before the first COVID lock down. The closure of retail spaces and non-essential retail shops prompted the social enterprise to look at new income streams and it signed up to the eBay for Change Programme.

Since its shop space reponed in April 2021 it has received 2 tonnes of unwanted but perfectly usable creative supplies which are either sold on site, via eBay, or given for free to groups and organisations.

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Over the course of the 3 year programme, and whilst doing lots of other things in addition, we were able to generate £13,058, which contributed to keeping our staff employed.

  • £13,058 generated
  • 3,133 items sold
  • 1,645 happy customers

The chart below shows the sales for each year, highlighting the negative impact of our 'annus horribilis' in 2023 when we had to move out of our retail shop, lost staff and had to move multiple times. 

Thankfully once things settled down and we were able to focus on eBay, with thanks to some government grant funding, there was a welcome uptick in 2023-2024.  

ebay for change 3 year impact salesTurning Straw into Gold
Unwanted art & craft supplies converted into income to support local jobs

Impact Shopping

Before eBay changed their policy to no longer allow eBay for Change 'resellers' (those who recycle unwanted items) in the eBay for Change Hub, our preloved and recycled art and craft items were found in the 'shopping by impact' sections of protecting our planet, health and wellbeing, empowering women and nurturing children because...

  • Our main focus is mental health and reducing waste in our environment at the same time

  • We're women led and most of our volunteers and customers are women

  • A great deal of our free community supplies go towards supporting children in one form or another.