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We are trying to gather a library of craft tutorials, and card making tutorials, to compliment our printables, and will list them here when they become available - as a not-for-profit we have limited resources and so rely on the very generous help of Volunteers in many areas of running Crafting4Good and The Printable Craft Shop. 

If there is a particular item from our store that you are struggling with and would like to see made up, please let us know and we will do what we can to help.  Alternatively if you have any photos of items you have made up, and would like to share them for the benefit of others either in photo or video form, please let us know.  You can find us through the Crafting4Good Facebook page or our helpdesk.

Printable Advent Calendar Tutorial

Printable Advent Calendar Tutorial
by Volunteer Crafter, Debbie

Make a sweet, re-usable Advent Calendar from printables - we have various designs and styles, e.g. drawers and cubes, but they are made in a similar fashion to each other. 

Printable List Book Tutorial

Printable List Book Tutorial
by Volunteer Crafter, Debbie

Make a practical, re-usable list book from printables - we have various designs for you to create as you wish and when your book is full, print and replace the pages to start again!

Card Making Tutorials

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