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Never-Ending Card Making Tutorial 

Never-Ending Christmas Card Made with PrintablesWinter Wonderland Never-Ending Card Made with Printables

Card making tutorial for putting together Never-Ending, interactive cards from our printables: this photo tutorial features the "Winter Wonderland Never-Ending Card" kit, but you make all designs of this kind of card the same way.  Once you've made one you'll love them, and they're great for kids and group activities - check out our range of never-ending cards for instant download in the store, and there's a Never-Ending Card Template to use as a design resource / commercial use.

Our lovely Volunteer Crafter, Debbie has kindly contributed the written instructions, photos and video so you have a number of ways to follow this card making tutorial.

Craft Supplies Needed

  • Printable Winter Wonderland Never-Ending Card Kit 
  • Glue/tape/3D foam pads for sticking
  • Score board/ruler/pencil
  • Scissors/trimmer/craft knife & cutting mat
  • Print on card stock for all sheets (250gsm was used here but refer to your own printer capabilities)

Time to Make (after printing sheets needed):  Average 20 minutes


1.  Print out the sheets in your kit, printing on reverse where necessary*.  Then, cut and scored where indicated. 

  • Base - print twice
  • Panel 1 & 2
  • Backing paper - printed on reverse of Base
  • Envelope Front & Back

♻️ Green Crafting Tip: printing the backing paper onto the reverse of sheets with lots of white space means you can then use the 'waste' for other projects

Never-Ending Card Printables in the KitNever-Ending Card Printables in the Kit
Pieces cut from printablesPieces cut from printables

Making the Base Card

2.  Lay the 4 base panels flat: 2 side by side; 1 at the top and 1 at the bottom.  The top and bottom ones need to face the opposite way from the side by side ones.

Lay out your panels side by side and above and belowLay out your panels side by side and above and below

3.  Put glue in the top and bottom left corners of the left side panel.

4.  With the right side panel add the glue to the top and bottom right corners.  

5.  Stick the top panel over the side panels, and do the same with the bottom panel.  

6.  This now forms your never-ending card - all you need to do now is add the decorative panels.

'Above' and 'Below' panels stuck onto side panelsPanels stuck onto top flaps and folded down onto the front of the card
(sorry for the camera glare, hopefully you get the idea)

7. Add your decorative panels any way you wish or following the design below - these pictures also show the different 'fold out' faces of the card, giving it the 'Never-Ending' name.  

Decorative pieces added to face 1Decorative pieces added to face 1
Decorative pieces added to face 2Decorative pieces added to face 2
Decorative pieces added to face 3Decorative pieces added to face 3
Decorative pieces added to face 4Decorative pieces added to face 4

Making the Printable Envelope

8.  Once the envelope front and back are cut out, glue the two side tabs and bottom tab and stick together to form the envelope.  You could also add double sided tape to the top flap at this point, so you can seal it when you have written the card and avoid having to find the glue at the time.

Printable envelope pieces for the Never-Ending cardPrintable envelope pieces for the Never-Ending card
Finished printable envelope for the Never-Ending cardFinished printable envelope for the "Winter Wonderland" Never-Ending Card

Extra Ideas for this Card Kit

We want you to get as much out of your downloads as possible, so other ideas for using this card kit could be:

  • Add clear glitter glue to the snowflakes, snow tops and accents such as berries and bells
  • Print extra decorative pieces to use as normal card toppers, gift tags or for other Christmas cards and projects

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Never-Ending Card Making Tutorial

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