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Volunteer Crafter - Debbie

We are very lucky to have some fabulous Volunteers giving up their time to help Crafting4Good become a creative resource for both individual crafters and groups looking for activities.  Debbie has made up samples for The Printable Craft Shop in the past, before volunteering to come on board with our new social enterprise after requesting instructions for some printables she bought from us:  many won't realise just how long it takes to design just the printables themselves, so doing instructions, making up samples, photos and video etc is even more work for the Designer to keep on top of.  We wanted to provide tutorials for everything we do, but this simply isn't do-able with our tiny team.  So, Debbie kindly volunteered to help out - many of the tutorials you will find on here have been contributed by Debbie, as well as even doing Facebook Live demos for us!  We truly appreciate all the help she has given us, and we'd like to let you know a bit more about her with her responses to some Q&As...

Debbie's Story

Debbie began crafting over 11 years ago when her daughters started college as “something just for her”. She began with stamping and is now an accredited Spectrum Noir Colourist. She loves making cards and really enjoys using different card folds and creating kinetic cards. Previously, Debbie ran craft workshops on two Sundays each month teaching card making techniques and also demonstrated for DoCrafts. Working full time, she donates her cards to raise money for the hospital where she works, the Alzheimers Society and her Local Hospice.

What Appeals Most About Being a Crafting4Good Volunteer?

What appeals to me most is giving back and offering craft to everyone even those who cannot afford classes or equipment.

Best Thing About Crafting?

What I like most about crafting is that I can lose myself in it - doesn't matter what else is going on around me I can simply forget everything and relax when I craft.  It is a great stress reliever.

Your Proudest Moment/Best Make?

My proudest moment in Crafting was when I set up my first class and saw the pleasure crafting gave to others and that I was a part of that.

Your Top Craft Tips?

  1. Craft for your own pleasure
  2. Don't rush your crafting and do what you enjoy, when you want to
  3. Share your knowledge with others
  4. Don't be scared to try new things
  5. Join a craft group or get together with friends and craft

Which Crafts Do You Enjoy Most?

I love designing new styles and folds of cards.  I also make jewellery.

How Did You Start Crafting?

I got into crafting when my children were in college, I knew they would be leaving home and going to university and I am not very good at sitting still.  I always liked crafting as a child so decided to take up card making and have never looked back since.

What Do You Get Out of Crafting?

I Craft because I enjoy it, it is a great stress reliever after a hard day at work.  I would recommend it to others to try as it gives a sense of pleasure to create something and pride when others love it.

Your Essential Craft Supplies?

My tool kit contains multiple things, such as the basics

  • Paper trimmer
  • Ruler & pencil
  • Score board and tool
  • Glue
  • Tape
  • Also inks, blending tools, die cutting machines, dvd/CD 's, my list could go on and on...

The Future of Crafts?

Schools should have more craft sessions and cover a variety of crafts, card making, pottery, woodwork, metal work, knitting, cookery and baking for example.

And In Your Spare Time?

My other hobbies are going to the gym, reading, watching horror movies, getting together with friends.

Debbie's Tutorials

Here's are Debbie's tutorials while volunteering for us - she also has her own blog The Card Demon with quite a few card and craft tutorials on there.

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