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Printable Advent Calendar with Drawers

Printable Advent Calendar with Drawers - Ho Ho Ho Kit

Make your own printable Advent calendar for Christmas to stock up with goodies and use year after year - this tutorial and video is contributed by our Volunteer Crafter, Debbie and features one of of a choice of Christmas advent printables available in our store.  The quick video 'how to' is provided by the designer of the kits, Arda Cards.  Printer craft festive goodies, available as single kits, a big craft bundle and a commercial use template - plus you can Sell What You Make!

Craft Supplies Needed

  • Ho Ho Ho Printable Advent Calendar Kit
  • Glue/tape/3D foam pads for sticking
  • Score board/ruler/pencil
  • Scissors/trimmer/craft knife & cutting mat
  • Brads or ribbon for drawers
  • Print on card stock for all sheets - 250 gsm was used here but refer to your own printer capabilities: heaver weight card will be more sturdy – or double layer the side panels if you cannot print on a higher gsm card.

Time to Make (after printing sheets needed):  Average 2 hours


1.  Print out the sheets in your kit, then cut and scored where indicated by the solid lines on the sheets. 

  • All 8 Sheets of large drawers
  • All 8 Sheets of smaller drawers (2 per sheet)
  • 8x Small drawer sleeves (2 per sheet)
  • 8x Large drawers (1 per sheet)
  • 2x Top and bottom squared
  • 2x Side panels (2 per sheet)

2. Make up the drawers and sleeves by folding all sides and any corner tabs up into a box and adhering together – I have used wet glue (Collall All Purpose Glue) as I find wet glue forms a more sturdy adhesive, plus you have wiggle time to ensure it is lined up correctly before it dries.  

3. Before you stick the drawers together, attach your handles - you can use brads or ribbons as drawer handles.  Here I have used a black bead and hot glue to form handles.

4. Fit the drawers inside the sleeves and glue 2 large and 4 small drawers/sleeves together (glue the top of each sleeve) in any pattern you prefer.

Made up Advent Drawers in their SleevesMade up Advent Drawers in their Sleeves
Advent Drawers Glued in Stacks of 6Drawers Glued in Stacks of 6

5.  You will have 4 stacks of 6 drawers - now group them together to make a square / column, with each set of drawers pointing outwards on all 4 sides of the box.

Group the stacks to make a columnGroup the stacks to make a column

6.  Stick the large squares on top and bottom to ensure it is sturdy.

7.  Stick the side panels on each of the 4 white sides to finish!

Attach side panels to the white sidesAttach side panels to finish
Finished Printable Advent CalendarFinished Printable Advent Calendar

Instant Download

Christmas Printable Advent Calendar Kit - Ho Ho Ho

Christmas printable Advent calendar with drawers instant download kit

Printable Advent Calendar Tutorial (18 mins)

Volunteer Debbie's video tutorial with handy hints and tips

Quick Demo (6 mins)

This quick Christmasy visual tutorial is by our printables Designer, Arda Cards

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