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"Crafting for good" is about helping yourself and others through creativity.

Visiting this site and purchases of our printable cards and crafts or eBay listings all help our community work. We like to think of it as "Robin Hood crafting" - those who can, helping those who maybe can't.

eBay for Change

We're proud to be part of the eBay for Change programme for social enterprises

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Our New Style Treasure Trove in Pontefract, UK

Historic Magistrates Court in Pontefract

Saturday 12th August - here we go, sort of... It’s going to take a while to get our new treasure trove room ready so we’re opening bit by bit. We now

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Going Green Ambassadors

We're excited to have started a "Going Green Ambassador" training course, thanks to Quantum Vantage and West Yorkshire Consortium of Colleges (and the Nova newsletter for the heads-up).

We already do what we can, but we look forward to sharing more Going Green info.

Thought we'd give AI a shot at the graphic - it didn't do too badly!

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Action for Happiness: 3 Actions to Try

As we burst into Spring, watch this quick 5m video from Psychologist Vanessa King on 3 simple techniques to make you calmer and improve your wellbeing 'in the moment'.

3 Active Tips:

- How and why you should move your muscles with things like 'kitchen workouts'

- The science behind stress and using your peripheral vision to replicate a landscape vista and feel calmer

- Noticing and actively opening your posture, particularly around your shoulders and collar bone.

Good stuff as always from the people at Action for Happiness.

Free Craft Supplies

free eager beaver pop up box

We give free craft supplies to individuals and community groups in the Wakefield (UK) area primarily, subject to surplus

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Positive Psychology Self Care New Ways to Feel Happy

Positive Psychology self care: new ways to feel happy from Action for Happiness

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Hexagonal Pop Up Box Card Tutorial

We've added a new tutorial to our Hexagonal Pop Up Box Card collection in our printables shop.

New Ways to Feel Happy with Positive Psychology

Really? There are new ways to feel happy? Haven't we heard all this wellbeing stuff before and know what we need to be doing, but just don't?

Well, we hadn't heard of these ideas before and felt the video had so many helpful tips and tricks that we needed to share them.

Watch the video to find out:

  • What a build-up of carbon dioxide does to you when stressed and how 'physiological sighs' can help you right when you need it
  • How to use your virtual remote control
  • How to check in with others, what is 'joy spotting' and how tuning in to others helps social connections in a two-way win-win
  • Employ the "Thank You ++" where you extend a simple thanks to including the impact on you of what they did, and notice their strengths and qualities...
  • Should you ask someone who is depressed for help with your problems?
  • Using your phone to discover your source of meaning
  • The little word with big impact: Awe
  • Do affirmations even work?

Positive psychology is NOT all about positive thinking, which can get on your nerves when you are really trying 'to be positive' but are seemingly unable to match the positive vibes of others no matter how hard you's more about active coping, making small, positive improvements for the next hour, day etc.

For lots more ideas and practical ways to wellbeing, including an app, check out the Action for Happinesswebsite.

Yarn Donations

Can you help?

We're looking for chunky, super chunky, variegated and fancy yarns...scraps, balls or cones.

These are to put in our shop for affordable supplies/trying a new craft without buying loads, our community-based cost-of-living crochet workshops and free supplies to groups (we take any yarn, but have a particular need for chunky and fancy).

Many thanks 🙏

donate yarn and craft supplies via DropPoint

The Wea Partnership

wea discount card

Proud partners of the WEA (Workers Education Association) providing free and low cost adult education courses

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