Printables with Purpose

Creativity and crafting for good is a way of improving the wellbeing of yourself and others - our Printables with Purpose help to sustain our social enterprise so that we can help people improve their wellbeing through access to affordable creative crafts.

Crafting for Less - Pound Shop Supplies

We believe creativity should be available to all and those looking for some creative time should not have to rely on fancy craft supplies.

With our printables you can print off cards and crafts to make at home or in group, and you only need a few basic supplies. In this short video our volunteer crafter, Debbie shows you how to make our printable Shelf Cards with supplies she bought for £3.50 in a pound shop.

No printer at home or work? You could for your local community center or library to see if they offer printing services if you don't have access to a printer yourself (although paying per sheet could get expensive if you start to enjoy printables - if you think printables might be a good option for you, it could be worth making an investment in a cheap printer, giving you access to instant crafting all over the internet! You can get cheap printers on Amazon for £20-£30)

Card Making for Men & Wellbeing

What card making for men in a homeless shelter can do for their wellbeing

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Importance of Creativity on Wellbeing

The importance of creativity on our wellbeing, from an Arts & Crafts Tutor perspective

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Cards for Troops

I found your site today and it was heart-warming to read that you all craft for other people's good. It is a wonderful way to use our time and supplies

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Recycled Collage

This collage was made for my daughter, inspired by a favourite author, and is totally made of recycled items. The house was made of bandage ends which

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Toothpaste Batik

This craft project is a toothpaste batik I made from some old kitchen muslin, cheap toothpaste, aloe vera gel and acrylic paints that were a present.

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Recycled Craft Projects

Recycled craft projects showing how you can be creative without fancy craft supplies and be eco-friendly at the same time

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South Australian School for the Vision Impaired

Learning to read a book without pictures is very boring for a young child. Imagine that you were learning to read braille, no colours, no pictures just

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People with Money can Colour - Why we are Crafting4Good

This video haunted me. Saw it by chance but it was a pivotal moment in becoming "Crafting4Good". We want to reach kids like this. I've started it at the moment that pricked my ears: Courtney (8) saying that kids with more money can "colour". Such a simple thing.

Later on, she talks about how she expects her future to be full of bad things with a few good things; they even talk about suicide at some point if I remember right.

Whatever we feel personally about poverty, parenting or politics, the fact is this is real life for many, many kids. It really shouldn't be.

You can catch up with what happened to the kids after documentary here

Improve Your Wellbeing through Crafting

Crafting can improve your wellbeing, read stories from others about how they use their crafting for good

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Free Audiobook & PDF: The Little Book of Big Scams, Metropolitan Police

As an online business with an eCommerce site we feel it's our duty to help spread awareness of scams and cons that target unsuspecting folks, especially older people.

The PDF Download is here:

Card Making Tutorial - 4 Fold Flap Easel Card

Card making tutorial for making a 4 Fold Flap Easel Card from our printables with purpose.

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Card Making Tutorial - Never-Ending Card

Never-ending card making tutorial using downloadable "printables with purpose"

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Card Making Tutorial - Pop Up Box

Easy card making tutorial for making Pop Up Box Cards from printables with purpose

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Printable Advent Calendar with Drawers

Make your own printable Advent calendar with cute drawers this Christmas - download our kit(s) and make a keepsake

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