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Crafty Lockdown

by Dinks

My buttons, ribbons and ideas have decided to come out to play with chat, encouragement and I thought let's just have a go!

My buttons, ribbons and ideas have decided to come out to play with chat, encouragement and I thought let's just have a go!

Lockdown has meant so many things to so many people. For me, I realised that this was a BIG one: a Mount Everest.

I have had problems with my mental health for the last few years. I became so unwell I had to self volunteer myself to the hospital a couple of years ago. Not an easy thing to do

My anxiety and low mood began to define me and I became the illness.

Working my way through things to attempt to have something like a normal life - it had literally been turned upside down, back to front and inside out - was hard, very hard, impossible I felt at times

How to fill my days? What to do?

Before I would just keep going out, often 2, 3 and 4 times a day filling my I didn't have time to think.

So LOCKDOWN was a WOW...what do I do?! Panic mode, negativity.

I had started doing some creative things since becoming unwell but didn't find time to relax as was always out; didn't particularly like me, or my own company

Thought I was going to slide back into that black hole but instead I have slid into a world of Colours, Crafts and Creativity.

I'm OK at some things, not so good at others but it's the trying - it builds confidence, aids concentration, gives one a sense of achievement.

I have been dabbling with all sorts of crafts - love the card making as I was and probably still am a giver, so to know that I have made something to give someone pleasure is a big plus for me.

If I had not had all my crafting materials, which mostly came from Crafting4Good as I also volunteer in the shop, I know I would have struggled maybe even to get up out of bed some days.

When you have mental health issues you often feel lost and not part of IT, whatever IT is...

Being part of the Facebook Craft Club has been helpful - your inspiration through the shop, but especially in lockdown has made me want to do things. So, it's great when you complete something and can share it to the group because then you may encourage or inspire others.

Being in your groups and the live online sessions have given me a focus and a sense of purpose, even if only for a few hours. Made me get out of bed some days and stopped me going back to bed.

I haven't felt judged and it continues to help my mental health which is still very friable. Also it has helped my husband have some free time as when unwell I became very needy. So the online side is helping us both, especially during lockdown.

I always said I don't know whether Creativity found me or I found IT but it's given me freedom to express myself and has helped shut some doors that needed shutting and opened new ones.

It is one of the biggest things that has helped to save me: Crafts and Nature.

Don't be afraid - give crafts a go and if you don't like one thing you can always try another.

It does help.

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Jul 16, 2021
Crafty Lockdown-Dinks
by: Angela Jain

This is so inspiring Dinks. Lovely to read your journey with so much courage and positivity.

I am sure your experience will help others. I have enjoyed connecting with you during lockdown through our Facebook group - Crafting4good Craft Club.

I wish you well, and look forward to your diary updates.

Best wishes

May 05, 2020
Such a Wonderful Story!
by: Adele

This was a real pleasure to read.

I love how you say you slid into a world of colours, crafts and creativity instead of a black hole.

Fantastic inspiration if ever anyone needed it to try some creative me-time.

It's a pleasure to know you Dinks.

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